3.0mm Aimrite Vermilion Wetsuit

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3.0mm – Open Cell, Hooded Jacket, Waist High pants, Aimrite Neo Pro #39

The Aimrite Vermilion GEN 2 is an absolute must have for every ocean enthusiast! It is thin and light, folds into the smallest grocery plastic bag if need be and the whole 2-piece wetsuit, hooded jacket and trousers, weighs as little as 2.2lb (1kg) for a size 54 (Large). I don’t think this applies to a 3mm suit J


·       Aimrite NeoPro 100% CR #39 Neoprene

·       "Green" 100% Chloroprene

·       Ultra Stretch Lycra™ Lamination

·       Open Cell lining

·       Exclusive Vermilion Camo Sublimation Dye

·       The elbows, knees, chestpad and seat area of the jacket are screened with an abrasion resistance Polyurethane for increased protection and durability

·       Double Locking Clips system on Beaver Tail

·       Unisex Sizing

External Features of the Jacket:

·       Zipless Hooded jacket

·       Built-in hood, designed for optimal breathing comfort, neck movement and complete face protection

·       Face seal in natural smoothskin prevents water from coming in

·       Built-in 7mm cushioned and slip-free speargun chestpad

·       Each cross seams on the jacket exterior is reinforced with a Glue Dot

External Features of the Trousers:

·       Zipless waist high trousers

·       Cross seams in the crotch panel are reinforced with a Glue Dot