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Aussie Reels are made from high-quality nylon and have a great reputation.   They are known worldwide for their smooth drag and durability.  These reels holds 50m to 60m of 1.8mm to 2mm Spectra cord.   The line guide and center axle are stainless steel for max strength and long wear.
  • Super Strong High-End Speargun Reel
  • Works great with Wood Spearguns and Euro Guns
  • Comes with Mounting Screws and Adapter   

Woodie: The ‘Woodie’ Reel from Aussie Reels is based off the original ‘Barracuda Reel’ but with one main difference. The ‘Woodie’ Reel fits to a wooden gun or Riffe Euro. Designed to directly fit onto the reel mounting holes which are on the Riffe Euro and to sit flush on this gun. These Reels can be added to any other wooden gun with some stainless steel self tappers.

Cuda:  With over 70 years diving experience between them, they designed the original reel and called it the “Barracuda Reel.” Over the last 8 years the “Barracuda Reel” has had various improvements and we are now at our 4th generation “Barracuda Reel” with the biggest innovation since the clamp design coming only very recently where we have made it possible so the handle of your gun does not need to be removed to attach the reel. Making it easy to put your reel on your gun and if needed it can also be removed easily.

Belt Reel: The Belt reel is a great back up for your Speargun! The Paxman Barracuda Reel is designed and built by the Aussie legend Barry Paxman. Made from high quality nylon this reel holds 50m to 60m of 2mm Spectra cord. 

It is machined from a single block of nylon, and fitted with a stainless steel center pin for durability. The line guide is also stainless steel so your Spectra or Dyneema line does not fray.