Carbon Fiber Pole Spear Sections

$116.00 116.00

RIFFE Carbon Fiber Pole Spears were designed with versatility for lightning fast shots while still keeping the punch to take down world record fish. 

Tapered Javelin style front and back sections provide the best maneuverability in all conditions. Fiberglass reinforced front rod adds strength. Eight sections offered to configure multiple lengths for varying hunting options.

Handle grip is placed on front section. Nose at front end piece has a flat for securing spearshaft and sections.

1. Choose your sections 2. Choose the right band size 3. Choose the tip of your choice.

Recommended tools for assembly:  3/8” (10mm) and 9/16” (14mm) open end wrenches, vice grip pliers for tightening or removing the spearshaft.

Create a 2 foot polespear up to a 10 foot polespear.