Carbonio GFT - ONDA pro HF Fins

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WAVE pro - MS1 - MS2
Main target of WAVE fins was to reduce the work load on PSOAS muscle and to lower the stress
on the ankles. This makes it possible to use fins for a long time without having articular pains (joint
pain). The structure with an angle of 32 ° and the Particular folding of the blade, assurés the correct
distribution of the loads between hip, knee and ankle.
The choice of fins is available between 100% 100% carbon or fiberglass.

Angle 32: recommended for Those Who swim on the surface, the fins do not lose energy Because in a horizontal position it is submerged in water, Reduces fatigue and managed to counteract even the strongest currents with minimum effort, during the detachment from the bottom it is Necessary to slightly Increase the opening of the legs for maximum thrust.

Angle 24: recommended for boat dives, at the detachment from the bottom is close to reaching maximum power thrust Unique rigidity in 80 kg