Deep Apnea - S Glass Black Grouper

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The S-Glass blade Black Grouper Edition is 85cm long and 20cm wide and now with 28º in the angle of the blades. The side T shape rails are just 1cm tall reducing the weight on the tip of the fin. This Fins compare to a normal Fiber Glass fins has a better performance because of the S-Glass. This fins and can be use for Freediving, Spearfishing at any depth.

- New 28 degrees Angle, allowing better alignment of the fins with the Diver's Body.

- Smooth Matte surface

- "Mini-T" shape side rails.

- Available in Soft, Medium and Hard Stiffness.

- The desing is not a Vinyl skin, it is printed inside of the fiber and is part of the molding process.

These fins are recomended for any Freediver or Spearfisherman who want to enjoy confort and performance.