Deep Apnea - T-800 Carbon Fins

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40 Ton (T-800) Quadraxial Carbon Fiber blade is 85cm long x 20cm width.

- The core of the fins are made of 40 Ton (T-800) carbon Fiber Fin, creating a more responsive blade.

- The Angle of the blade are compose of 3 bends of 7 degrees each one conforming a 21 degrees bend.

- Smooth Matte surface.

- "Mini-T" shape side rails with 1cm of total height. Available only for Beuchat Footpockets.

- Available in Soft, Medium and Hard Stiffness.

This is a blade is great for Freediving or Spearfishing.

This our best seller fins!

This is an All-around blade recommended for the advance to professional Freediver or Spearfisherman.