Ermes-Sub - Leonardo Blue Water Reel

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A first for underwater fishing, in 3 large wire capacity measures 1.5 mm, 50, 100, 150 meters, suitable for fishing in the blue to large pelagic species, but also to those snappers bottom fishing and cernie.Nei current eddies for underwater fishing is not present any device which orders the wire, this means that the thread winding will have to be driven with a finger and depends on the skill of the operator driving it well, avoiding areas of massive overlaps with other empty, you will notice that currently is unable to load the same number of meters the spool of the reel.
With this officer (patent pending) you will have the certainty that the reel will always have the same capacity, in fact, the wire will wrap neatly with the coils next to one another, and will also avoid dangerous wigs being fast spill, for example, when harpoons is a big fish, you will also appreciate and especially after being wound, an operation that will now be fast allowing you to retrieve your valuable time at sea and in the knowledge that the thread will be placed in an optimal manner.