Evolution^2 Carbon Mutant Speargun

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HammerHead Evolution^2 Carbon Mutant with an Elliptical Carbon Fiber Barrel, Evolution^2 Handle, and Manny-Sub Roller Head is the Pinnacle of Spearfishing Perfection
For years HammerHead Spearguns has been equipping Manny-Sub of Australia with Evolutions Handles to build their incredible Roller Performer Series of Spearguns.  Now  the collaboration comes full circle with creation of HammerHead Carbon Mutants with all available Manny-Sub Roller options such as Single or Double Roller, Glass or Ceramic Bearings, and Inverted Roller Muzzles as well.

  • Manny-Sub Roller Muzzle
    • For years Emmanuel Bova has developed and promoted the Roller Muzzle Concept.  His company Manny-Sub designs and manufactures the most advanced roller muzzles utilizing premium ceramic bearings with reduce friction transferring close to 100% of the band force to the shaft.
    • Manny-Sub Rollers come in 3 styles the Single Roller Head (for most applications), Double Roller Head (for Bluewater Pelagics), and Inverted Roller Style for maximum band stetch.
  • Carbon Mutant Elliptical Barrels
    • The backbone of this incredible speargun is the HammerHead Carbon Mutant Barrel with its stealth elliptical shape and zero flex.
  • Evolution Handle
    • The #1 Speargun Handle in the English Speaking world is the HammerHead Evolution^2 Handle.  Developed with optimal ergonomics and exceptional durability the HammerHead E^2 Handle features stainless steel internals, stainless steal line release, and Reverse Trigger Mechanism design which give you an additional 10 cm of band stretch.   The Evolution^2 Handle is also the mechanism of choice for all Manny-Sub Roller Performer Spearguns rigged and sold from the factory.
  • Perfect Roller Rigging
    • Set-up by HammerHead Spearguns with your choice of Small ID Bands.  HammerHead Small ID Bands minimize water intrusion into the core of the rubber when overstretched.  The highly elastic nature of the pure latex formulation with additional modulus optimizes Roller Speargun performance.   Often times this is referred to as “Progressive Stretch” where the speargun band is able to elongate past 400% where the logarithmic increase in power is obtained.
    • Completing the rigging is the Heat Treated Stainless Steel Roller Shaft in 9/32” diameter for Single Roller Heads or 5/16” diameter for Double Roller Muzzles.   HammerHead Roller Shafts are specially designed with a loading tab and shark-fin welded to the flat, virtually eliminating shooting line tangles that can be caused by incorrect roller muzzle set-ups.  All HammerHead Spearguns shafts and bands are manufactured in the USA of 100% domestically sourced raw materials.   HammerHead is the only global spearfishing company supporting US Industries by sourcing rubber manufactured in the USA.