Hammerhead - Evolution 2 Hi Bred

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The Evolution 2 HI-BRED is a perfect fusion of hand-shaped natural mahogany beauty mated to the Evolution 2 Handle, precision manufactured using 21st century technology. Inheriting the best of both worlds; tracking and aiming of a Euro-Style gun and beauty and additional mass of mahogany.

  • Hand Crafted Mahogany wood barrel with a deep semi-enclosed track is extremely light and maneuverable.
  • Professionally rigged with 17-4 Heat Treat Stainless Steel Shark-fin Shaft, Dual Power Helix Bands.
  • EVOLUTION 2 REVERSE Trigger Mechanism increases band stretch and keeps the index finger on-target with the shaft for instinctive accurate shooting. The Evolution 2 Handle also features an ambidextrous speargun safety, WJ Cut stainless steel sear, and metal injection molded stainless trigger pull and line release.
  • Designed by Professional and Commercial Spearfishers for optimal performance and efficiency. Custom modifications allowed include various Shaft/Band Combinations and Speargun Reels or Break-away. Manufactured in the USA.