Hammerhead - Evolution 2 Karbon - Pelagic

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EVOLUTION... the incremental succession of speargun perfection. THE MOST ACCURATE speargun in America as independently tested by Hawaii Skindiver Magazine* and Spearing Magazine out of Flori-da**.   Every element of the HammerHead Evolution2™ complements the next for consistent and accurate shots dive-in and dive-out under the most demanding of situations. The unique precision of the HammerHead Evolution2™ starts with the streamline and hydrodynamic Open Muzzle design that holds twin Power Helix™ Bands. To further guide the shot and minimize speargun recoil and "kick" the anodized aluminum barrels of all HammerHead Evolution2™ poses a slick track and are ballasted for neutrality, sound dampening, and recoil minimization. ds.

The HammerHead Evolution2™ Karbon barrel is lighter making this already accurate setup even more deadly to fish with it amazing maneuverability.  The barrel comes wrapped with our unique protective camo wrap in your choice of red or blue to fit your hunting preference.

All Evolution2™ Karbon Spearguns are then matched with precision-machined American made 17-4 Stainless Steel Heat Treat Shafts designed with weld fin tabs set 2.5" from the rear to maximize band stretch and power.

Contoured ergonomic grips maintain the diver’s wrist in "strong-fist" position allowing the diver to maximize their strength while firing to prevent recoil and kick with increasing shot power.  Additionally the Evolution2™ Plus handle features an adjustable stainless steel trigger pull to accommodate a wide range of hand sizes and glove thicknesses.   The trigger mechanism contains all stainless steel parts for durability and reliability.

Finally each Evolution2™ Karbon Speargun is professionally rigged by hand with mono shooting line, loading pad, and front-end bungee all standard features. HammerHead Evolution2™ Karbon is Easy to Use, Easy Aim, Easy to Load, Easy to Shoot, and Easy to take home your next dinner or new World Record.