Hatch Super Amero Speargun

$979.99 979.99

Based on the original Amero speargun, the Super Amero 65 Inch is beefed up to accommodate 4x power bands for shooting the ocean's largest pelagic species.
Made of 100% teak and 100% Neptonics components, this gun was designed specifically for hunting pelagics, which is why we sell it ready to be used out of the box for just that purpose and include a Neptonics Slip Tip.

The Super Amero comes equipped it with 400lb mono, 4 shark fin 5/16" threaded shaft, and 4x 5/8" black power bands. The teak stock on the Super Amero has been beefed up by increasing a tapered cuddle fish design to absorb the recoil of the 4x power bands.
This rear-handle speargun features an enclosed track, AR-15 handle, auto-resetting reverse mech, and oiled finish for easy maintenance. It is fully ballasted and balanced and has amazingly little recoil.
The Super Amero is the best-kept tuna-killing secret in spearfishing industry. 

  • 100% teak & 100% Neptonics components for a lifetime of use
  • Comes fully rigged and ready to shoot; just screw in the handle
  • AR-15 handle with interchangeable handle
  • Neptonics auto-resetting reverse mech
  • Features an enclosed track
  • Oiled finish for easy maintenance
  • Features Neptonics breakaway adapter
  • Fully ballasted and balanced and has little recoil
  • 4x wraps of 400lbs mono
  • 5/16" (8mm) American shaft
  • 4x 5/8" (16mm) power bands
  • Slip tip included
  • Three-year warranty