SeaWolf Predator 95cm Roller

$985.00 985.00
Extensive range – The manufacturer of the 105-meter long rifle has an efficient range of 6.5 meters at the end of the target.
Indestructible shot – the movement of rubber bands against the direction of the shot almost completely eliminates the deterrent of the rifle and the fisherman earns a powerful but at the same time a much more pleasant and precise shot.
Extremely fast arrow output – 27 m / sec arrow speed – The fish cannot avoid shooting at a distance.
An excellent shot – although Robo Roller has rubber bands stretched both above and below the rifle thanks to the unique structure and minimum height of the rifle has an excellent
Maximum utilization! – SeaWolf-Sub The maximum length of 105 cm with a back-end mechanism that makes us gain another 7 cm stretch which means that most of the rubber 105 bomber pushes the arrow no less than 112 cm! M –