Throw Flashers

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Perfect for hunting: wahoo, yellowtail, marlin, amberjacks, tuna, and Spanish mackerel. Flashers are a great tool to have with you when you are hunting pelagic fish, but we have also seen reef fish and even calicos (kelp bass) go crazy over over them. We have seen dogtooth tuna, yellowtail, tuna, wahoo, and Spanish mackerel come in to take a look at our throw flashers. Tuck them in your belt until you need them. These flashers sink at a slow rate; it takes them about two minutes to reach 50 feet. If you prefer a faster sink rate, just cut an inch off the rubber plug and they will sink faster. When you see a fish on the edge of your gun's range, simply throw the flasher out of the water toward the fish. When the flasher hits the water, fish like wahoo instantly come closer to investigate.