Torelli - Ninja 3.5mm

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The new Torelli Black 3.5mm wetsuit is manufactured to the highest standard and has all the features of the renowned Gondwana in a plain black nylon exterior. Genuine Japanese Yamamoto compression resistant, independent closed microcell high elasticity neoprene.

New improved anatomic cut, open cell interior and smooth skin water stop seals ensure maximum warmth and flexibility. Abrasive resistant Supertex knee pads and seat. Latex dots to all seam junctions preventing stitch unravel. Knife pocket to right thigh.

Fits the Torelli Knife perfectly and can also be used as a torch or banger pocket. Comfortable non slip loading pad with additional internal 5mm padding.


Available Sizes:

48 (50-57kg) (158-162cm)
50 (54-62kg) (161-166cm)
52 (60-72kg) (166-171cm)
54 (71-81kg) (171-176cm)
56 (80-90kg) (176-181cm)
58 (90-100kg) (181-186cm)
60 (100-110kg) (186-191cm)
62 (110-125kg) (190-196cm)