Yazbeck Snyper Wetsuits

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The Snyper Wetsuit is available in 3.0mm with Silver Titanium lining and 7.0mm come in Open Cell and Silver Titanium lining.


This Camo pattern SNYPER goes perfectly well with the slightly greenish, cool and warmer waters, moss and eel grass covered bottoms, lakes and rivers, brackish river mouths, kelp and algae, as well as olive to dark green environment anywhere. It offers an excellent “blend-in” and “lineless” camouflage. This Holoblend™ Snyper Camouflage design philosophy by Roger Yazbeck will help you “conceal” from the spookiest fish, giving you an opportunity to stalk or ambush the trophy of a lifetime, for that great camera or speargun shot.

Made of 100CR Yamamoto Japan Neoprene, Grade 39 (ultra-supple, comfortable and warm), laminated with Impermeaflex™. Available in Open Cell lining or with our NanopreneShield™ lining for durability, ease of donning, thermo-reflecting, muscle fatigue reducer and anti-bacterial properties.